I hate candid pictures because even if you try to forget that by calling them “candids”, they remain paparazzi pictures. Photographs that were taken without your favourite celebrity’s consent, photographs that annoy them a lot, photographs that don’t respect their right to privacy. I hate this culture that says the moment you become a public figure, every single aspect of your life has to be plastered all over the Internet.

And I hate that as fans who edit and reblog pictures of your fav actor crossing the street/having a latte/sunbathing at the beach, you don’t realise that you are infringing on a part of their lives that we shouldn’t have access to.

I find it highly hypocritical of tumblr to reblog and comment things like “wow those assholes, why can’t they leave him/her alone” on videos of their favourite celebrities being harrassed by paparazzi or telling them off, when in the next breath, they’ll reblog a picture that was taken by the same photographer.

The thing is, paparazzi exist because there is a market. By reblogging candids, you somehow legitimize their work and the harrassment of your star. And that really doesn’t sit well with me. At all.

I really wish everyone on tumblr tagged their candid accordingly, because I don’t want to a part of the machine that means my favourite actress can’t go shopping without being followed by an army of camera. But I am part of that machine against my will, as I see candid pictures all over my dash. So, please, TAG YOUR CANDIDS.

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